Our clients come from across the nation and our own backyards. Our headquarters in Rochester is networked with our regional offices in Buffalo, Albany, Corning, and New York, NY. The close integration of our offices enables us to tap the talents of any of our attorneys to serve clients as needed.

Additionally, our membership in Lexwork International enables us to meet the national and international requirements of our clients. Lexwork is a strategic alliance of independent U.S., Canadian, European, Latin American and Asian law firms to which we refer clients in need of high quality international legal service. Each member firm provides services required by corporate clients within its own jurisdiction. Member firms practice independently, but may join together to provide effective support for cross-border transactions as needed. Through cooperation with other member firms, we offer a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to large international law firms and a higher level of personal service. Visit the Lexwork International Association website to learn more.

Disclaimer: Lexwork International is an unincorporated association of law firms and not a legal body separate from its constituents. All member law firms subscribe to similar objectives; however, neither they nor Lexwork have control over the services provided by other member law firms, and therefore each bears no responsibility for the actions of the others.