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As technology advances, so do the techniques cyber criminals use to breach our digital networks. We recognize the importance of cybersecurity vigilance, and are observing National Cyber Security Awareness Month by participating in a series of events to help educate our clients, and the community at large, on becoming cyber smart. National Cyber Security Awareness Month is a national public awareness campaign to encourage business and individuals to take steps to protect themselves from cyber threats. 

This fall and over the next several weeks, F. Paul Greene, Partner and Chair of the Privacy and Data Security Practice Group at Harter Secrest & Emery, as well as other members of HSE’s Privacy & Data Security team, will join with industry experts to discuss such vital topics as: 

  • The legal aspect of cyber risk
  • Emerging cyber threats
  • The ever-changing landscape of cyber regulation
  • FTC expectations and enforcement
  • Best practices in breach response
  • Preservation of breach-related evidence and the attorney-client privilege

HSE’s Privacy and Data Security Blog will also be involved in this effort, providing timely updates on developments in the world of cyber risk.

Recent HSE Cybersecurity Events:


Cybersecurity Incident and Breach Response Line

Quick and experienced breach response is essential to getting back on track and minimizing legal risk. An organization that is slow to respond to a cyberattack or inefficient in its response faces disruption, confusion, increased harm to its systems and customers, as well as possible regulatory enforcement and civil liability.The HSE Privacy and Data Security team is available 24/7 to provide experienced incident and breach coach guidance, including breach response and remediation support, crisis management and communication, post-breach reporting and notice, and advice and representation concerning potential litigation and regulatory enforcement. Call our Cybersecurity Incident and Breach Response Line at 1-800-232-3012 for immediate access to our Privacy and Data Security team and their deep connections with information security professionals, forensic investigators, crisis communication professionals, with maximum protection offered by the attorney-client privilege.

State Data Breach Notification Laws Map

There are currently 48 different state-level data breach notification laws across the U.S., including one in the District of Columbia, creating a web of regulation that is difficult to traverse. For entities doing business in multiple states, or for entities with customers, employees, or even former employees in multiple states, the variations in these laws, and the conflict between them, can make responding to a data breach in a timely and correct manner a treacherous exercise. Our State Regulations Map contains a summary of each state’s notification laws, providing a baseline comparison between the states of the various requirements your entity could face.




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