Below please find some exemplary patents we’ve obtained for our clients highlighting the scope of our technical expertise in mechanical, chemical, optics, software, and electrical technologies.

8,975,295 Chemical, Biological Modulation of Zinc Levels to Improve Tissue Properties 03/10/2015
D714,146 Design Cap 09/30/2014
D712,733 Design Oval Hat Box 09/09/2014
8,813,916 Mechanical Underground Enclosure System for Storing Components, Cables, and the Like 08/26/2014
8,801,796 Mechanical, Medical Bone Prosthesis for Maintaining Joint Operation in Complex Joints 08/12/2014
8,773,784 Photonics System for Reducing the Effects of Element Misalignment in an Optical System 07/08/2014
8,738,424 Mechanical, Software Method and System for Monitoring Plant Operating Capacity 05/27/2014
8,735,834 Photonics Mobile Cardiac Positron Emission Tomography (moPET) Camera 05/27/2014
8,701,349 Mechanical Guide Arrangement for a Movable Window Pane, in Particular of a Motor Vehicle 04/22/2014
8,699,137 Photonics Agile Optical Phased Array Device and Applications 04/15/2014
8,696,551 Mechanical, Medical Flexible Endoscope Suitable for MRI 04/15/2014
8,620,287 Software Food Tracking System with Mobile Phone Uplink 12/31/2013
8,614,740 Mechanical Device and Method for Inspecting a Tire, in Particular Using an Interferometric Measuring Method 12/24/2013
8,609,358 Chemical Methods, Peptides and Biosensors Useful for Detecting a Broad Spectrum of Bacteria 12/17/2013
8,595,026 Software System and Methods of Obtaining Reimbursements for Patient Treatment 11/26/2013
8,589,414 Software Computer Implemented System and Method for Providing a Community and Collaboration Platform around Knowledge Transfer, Expertise, Innovation, Tangible Assets, Intangible Assets and Information Assets 11/19/2013
8,569,482 Chemical Nanoparticulate Probe for In Vivo Monitoring of Tissue Oxygenation 10/29/2013
8,541,193 Chemical Cationic Anti-Microbial Peptides and Methods of Use Thereof 09/24/2013
8,542,297 Photonics Method for Automatically Adjusting the Levels of Illumination Sources in an Optical Measurement Machine 09/24/2013
8,519,263 Mechanical Below Ground Component Enclosure 08/27/2013
8,511,160 Mechanical Combined Hydrogen and Pressure Sensor Assembly 07/31/2013
8,498,948 Mechanical, Software Method and System for Assessing Data Classification Quality 07/30/2013
D680,654 Design Medical Support Device 04/23/2013
8,413,362 Mechanical Mounting Rail Assembly for Firearms 04/09/2013
8,377,651 Biological Method for Detecting Escherichia Coli 02/19/2013
8,277,892 Chemical Process for Creating an Oxygen Scavenging Particle 10/02/2012
8,269,970 Photonics Optical Comparator with Digital Gage 09/18/2012
8,162,843 Mechanical, Medical Method for Measuring Cardiac Output via an Extracorporeal Cardiopulmonary Support Circuit 04/24/2012
8,038,469 Electrical Electrical Connection Assembly 10/18/2011
7,951,419 Chemical Dry-Coated Oxygen-Scavenging Particles and Methods of Making Them 05/31/2011
7,916,398 Photonics High Performance Front Objective for Video Metrological System 03/29/2011
7,734,322 Mechanical, Medical Blood Volume Determination and Sensor Calibration 06/08/2010
7,712,431 Mechanical, Electrical Thermochromic Washer for Monitoring Performance or Integrity of Electrical Connections 05/11/2010
7,692,798 Electrical, Optics Improved Method for Biomolecular Detection and System Thereof 04/06/2010
7,559,165 Mechanical Weather Protection System for Signage 07/14/2009
7,549,965 Medical Compensation Method for Thermodilution Catheter Having an Injectate Induced Thermal Effect in a Blood Flow Measurement 06/23/2009
7,536,053 Photonics Method and Apparatus for the Correction of Nonlinear Field of View Distortion of a Digital Imaging System 05/19/2009
7,478,862 Mechanical Portable Vehicle and/or Equipment Storm Shield 01/20/2009


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