Over the course of the last half-decade, most have ridden the wave of E-Commerce, while fewer have helped drive it. We consider ourselves among the drivers.

Recognizing the commercial promise of the Internet, the firm formed the E-Commerce Practice Area which is designed to help businesses initiate, maintain, and expand the scope of their E-Commerce offerings and initiatives. A multidisciplinary team, its members include legal professionals from the Telecommunications, Intellectual Property, Tax, Private Companies, Public Companies, Litigation, and Securities Practice Areas. In addition to our internal resources, we have developed close working relationships with other professionals and advisors, including accountants and IT consultants, to serve the needs of E-Commerce clients.

This ability to embrace new ways of doing business is a reflection of the firm’s ability to grow and keep pace with our clients in rapidly changing climates.

Our Clients

Clients of the E-Commerce Practice Area range from start-up “dot.com’’ companies to Fortune 500 companies, and include telecommunications, imaging, content, software, and “brick and mortar” companies whose business activities involve E-Commerce.

Our Experience

Negotiating and Drafting Contracts with External Parties. Fully executed agreements are the best defense against potential conflict, and the professionals within our practice have expansive experience preparing contracts that will best serve the needs of our clients, including strategic alliance and joint venture agreements, professional service agreements, linking agreements between Internet sites, financing documents, equipment leases, and license agreements, among others.

Counseling Services. Identifying an experienced partner to provide business strategy is vital in succeeding in this virtual world of commerce and communications. Our attorneys have the skill and knowledge to assist companies in drafting business plans that reflect E-Commerce strategies, and help them establish and maintain an effective on-line presence. We can also negotiate alliances with on-line partners, and offer counsel on privacy-related issues.