While Western and Upstate New York’s economy over the course of several decades has relied heavily on the manufacturing sector, the emergence of additional regulatory burdens, competition from lower-cost regions of the U.S. and the world, and the intense pressure to increase profits have resulted in a gradual evolution in the products manufacturing companies make and the methods used in their operations.

HSE has provided legal services to product manufacturers since our founding. Throughout the course of time, we have remained committed in our efforts to provide practical, reliable, and innovative solutions in response to the business and legal challenges our manufacturing clients have been forced to confront.

Our multi-disciplinary Manufacturers and Distributors Practice Area represents some of the most successful companies in the region. They range in size from small, privately held businesses to large, multi-nationals. The products and services they offer are diverse and comprise a wide spectrum, extending from legacy products such as steel and petroleum, to high-tech solutions in the optics, photographic, medical devices, and software industries.

Our Clients

  • Manufacturers (from start-up entities to Fortune 500 Companies)
  • Distributors
  • Dealers

Our Experience

Manufacturing & Distributor Operations. We have counseled companies on legal matters unique to these industries, including supply chain control and management; raw materials negotiations; warranties and returns; pricing (including issues of antitrust); specifications, labeling and licensing; testing; customer issues; regulatory impact; and consumer-related regulatory issues.

Litigation. Our experience in defense of products liability cases is, we believe, unparalleled in the region. We have successfully defended scores of household, consumer products alleged to have caused significant injury or damage. The products defended include ammunition, cameras, chainsaws, cookware, handguns, hot water heaters, kerosene heaters, propane cylinders, refrigerators, toaster ovens, saws, drills, lathes, stoves, ovens, and circuit panels and breakers.

Our attorneys have also defended products involved in transportation against various claims of defect and breach of warranty including all-terrain vehicles, amusement rides, automobiles, bicycles, boats, motorcycles, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, and tractor trailers. We have defended defect and warranty claims against industry equipment including corrugators, fabricators, hydraulic lifts, ladders, steam turbines, various presses, and robotic CNC machines.

We are national trial counsel to a major U.S. manufacturer and its foreign subsidiaries in which we defend various sophisticated medical devices, including diagnostic and surgical equipment. We have litigated personal injury cases and handled claims in more than 20 states on behalf of this client.

In the area of construction and farming equipment, we have defended claims related to cranes, excavators, fork trucks, loggers, trenchers, tractors, and various other implements.

We attribute our considerable success in defending foreign and domestic product designers and manufacturers to our willingness to roll up our sleeves and learn about our clients and their products. Our attorneys who defend products have much in common: they fight to win, and they share a genuine interest in understanding how things are made and why they were designed the way they were.


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