We help service providers and customers navigate the evolving landscape of regulation and deregulation shaping the telecommunication industry.

The Information Age has been a confusing time for businesses and individuals forced to face a widening array of choices in telecommunications technology. Providers of various forms of communications and information services are born, die, merge or grow rapidly depending upon their vision of the future and their ability to meet the capital and human demands of an exploding marketplace.

HSE is uniquely capable of helping clients sort through the confusion. For nearly a quarter century, HSE’s corporate attorneys have provided legal advice to local exchange carriers, cellular and interexchange companies, management consultants, and trade organizations throughout the U.S. We have counseled telecommunications holding companies regarding regulatory matters, corporate acquisitions, securities, and labor and employment issues.

HSE’s legal team understands the telecommunications industry, and can help both service providers and customers effectively manage the change that is inherent in the world of telecommunications.

Regulatory Representation
Our attorneys understand the deregulation process and convergence. We have the ability to represent clients in a deregulating environment before state regulatory bodies whether the issue involves a dispute with another carrier or whether a certificate of public convenience and necessity must be obtained. We have the ability to handle interconnection agreements and help discern the meaning of competition and the opportunities it affords.

Counsel and Advice Regarding Deregulation
As deregulation proceeds, we can help clients to decipher the law and how it interplays with business. Opportunities abound for low-cost providers who can partner with the right carriers to provide end-to-end services for their customers. We know who the players are and can help clients make the alliances that are right for them. We know how to isolate deregulated businesses so that they can obtain maximum flexibility. We believe that the entrepreneurial carrier will find huge success in staying close to the customer and providing a full set of communications services.

Building and Negotiating Alliances
We represent or have the knowledge and expertise required to represent clients in the local, interexchange, wireless, CATV, and Internet arenas. We believe that the survivors in the industry will make virtually all of these services, plus exciting new offerings, available to their customers. In an age when the actual communications link is fast becoming a commodity, customer service and the ability to quickly make alliances with others will distinguish the truly successful providers. We can help negotiate the right transaction and create the necessary legal structure to keep clients ahead of the competition. 

Our Clients

  • Local and National Telecommunications Providers
  • Corporations (ranging from Fortune 500 to closely held businesses)
  • Individuals


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